Working with the EEOC: Negotiating Discrimination and Retaliation Claims

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William Wright, Esq. of Sherman & Howard

The EEOC negotiates with employers in several different settings, including settlement discussions over charges, mediation, conciliation, and court-sponsored alternative dispute resolution. This session focuses on negotiations with the EEOC in these different settings.

The session includes:

  • The statutory and regulatory requirements of the EEOC in different negotiation settings.
  • The policy concerns driving the EEOC's participation in different negotiation settings.
  • Published internal EEOC standards for the negotiations.
  • The differences between the EEOC mediation staff and the investigation staff.
  • How the negotiations are set up and conducted in the different settings.
  • How to prepare for the negotiations and how to respond to EEOC positions.
  • What employers might reasonably expect to achieve in a negotiation in the different settings.
  • The consequences for further legal disputes that arise from EEOC and employer conduct in negotiations.

By listening to the entire presentation you can self-report 1.5 hours for recertification and/or CLE credit.  Please contact IAML for information.

The fee for this OnDemand webcast and materials is $219.00. You may view the program as many times as you'd like and your access will not expire.