Wage & Hour Issues: Managing Wage Hour Issues the Right Way

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Angelo Spinola, Esq. of Littler Mendelson

Employers embroiled in wage hour litigation often face the catch-22 situation of deciding whether to fix the practice at issue in the case and risk admitting liability or leave it alone and continue to accrue liability. This program provides methods for cleaning up issues before they turn into litigation and while the price tag is still low. You will also learn how to develop and maintain a comprehensive wage hour compliance program that insures what you fix stays fixed.

You will learn:

  • What wage hour policies every company should have.
  • The effective use of training for managers and non-exempt employees.
  • How to implement a confidential complaint mechanism to resolve wage hour issues.
  • How to correctly audit exemption and 1099 classifications.
  • Methods for preventing the most common types of off the clock work.
  • How to confirm the accuracy of your regular rate and overtime calculations.
  • The payroll programming adjustments that will take the target off your back.
  • How to properly adjust employee's time records.
  • How to spot and eliminate the red flag practices that result in bad class action evidence.


By listening to the entire presentation you can self-report 1.5 hours for recertification and/or CLE credit.  Please contact IAML for information.

The fee for this OnDemand webcast and materials is $219.00. You may view the program as many times as you'd like and your access will not expire.