Wage & Hour Issues: The Newest Wage Hour Claims and the Most Common Mistakes that Lead to Class Actions

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Angelo Spinola, Esq. of Littler Mendelson

Wage and hour class actions continue to sweep through the country and are now the leading type of class action filed nationwide representing 91% of all employment law class actions. These cases are attractive to plaintiffs' lawyers and devastating to employers because they often result in massive awards or settlements in the tens of millions of dollars. As employers are learning to comply with the basics of the law, employee claims are targeting new practices that many employers have not considered. This program focuses on identifying these hot button issues and the steps employers should be taking to resolve them now.

You will learn about:

  • The industries that are currently being targeted by the Plaintiffs' bar and the DOL.
  • New legislation that will lead to a rise in wage hour litigation in certain states.
  • Issues associated with the remote workforce and the use of phones, tables and laptops.
  • The pitfalls associated with rounding.
  • The key mistakes related to meal deductions.
  • The most common challenges to exemption status.
  • How your company's technology can be used to establish or limit liability.
  • Frequent mistakes when determining the regular rate to calculate overtime.
  • How to properly edit time records and the time shaving claims that will result if you do not.
  • Whether or not an employee's travel time is compensable.
  • How to deal with computer boot up time, donning and doffing, and other pre/post shift activities.
  • How effective training for both employees and managers can improve compliance, and help establish an effective legal defense.

By listening to the entire presentation you can self-report 1.5 hours for recertification and/or CLE credit.  Please contact IAML for information.

The fee for this OnDemand webcast and materials is $219.00. You may view the program as many times as you'd like and your access will not expire.