Our past participants say it best

Here is a partial list of testimonials we have received recently regarding the Certificate in Employee Relations Law Seminar.

"My job requires that I constantly seek the latest tools and information to stay on the cutting edge of today's world/technology. I have a PhD in Education and consider the education that I received in your seminar as 'top notch'. After attending the CERL seminar, I can honestly say that it was the best training that I have ever experienced."

Willie J. Robinson, PhD
Workplace Planning & Integration Manager
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

"The seminar, in my opinion, was second to none. All of the information was very well delivered and explained in detail so that everyone, from the least to the most experienced, was able to understand. IAML did an outstanding job and I will be sure to highly recommend your seminars to anyone who inquires."

Laurie Keenan
HR Recruitment and Training Manager
Mohegan Sun Casino

"Excellent experience! The seminar was very enlightening and I highly recommend it to anyone trying to learn more about employment law and how it applies to their everyday experiences working with employees."

Stacy Ramsey
Human Resources Generalist
PGT Industries

"Excellent course. The ability of the presenters to engage attendees in meaningful discussions and to incorporate real and hypothetical examples transformed the legal text into useable knowledge."

Wayne Duerer
Senior Specialist, HRIS
Kimberly-Clark Corporation

"The class was very useful to me, I was able to take what I learned and apply it back at my job. A lot of times training seminars only cover the basics – this seminar really got down to the detail of things which was great."

Stephanie Young
Human Resources Specialist
BMW Manufacturing Corporation

"I cannot emphasize enough how impressed I was with this seminar, especially the presenters, who were knowledgeable, interesting and effective. Their styles kept our attention, they encouraged discussion and answered questions definitively."

Timothy D. Price
Associate Corporate Counsel
Kentucky Employers Mutual Insurance

"All aspects were terrific – your instructors, staff, materials, and location were excellent. I loved the time spent in your seminar and plan on attending another IAML seminar next year."

Kathleen A. Via
EEO Administrator
Mason & Hanger

"This was an excellent seminar and well worth the time and money invested. The instructors were very knowledgeable and interesting and their different styles were effective. The materials will be a great reference tool. This seminar was recommended by previous IAML participants and I will recommend it to others."

James A. Dengler
Staff Training & Development Manager

“I thought the entire seminar was extremely valuable, informative and worth every penny and minute spent.”

Kristen Pirkey
Human Resources Specialist
DaVita, Inc.

"The vast knowledge and experience of the instructors; entertaining and dynamic presentation style; discussion method of training was well received; linkage of legal facts to actual cases was enlightening."

Jose E. Martinez
Facilities Maintenance Program Manager
Sandia National Laboratories

"I was very impressed with how much material was covered in such a short amount of time. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Best seminar I have attended."

Rose Lloyd
Human Resources Manager
Cendant Corporation

"The instructors were outstanding. They know the law and they understand the day-to-day implications for managers and HR professionals. The cases were fascinating, the implications were clear and all of the speakers had a wonderful sense of humor."

Wesley Masters
Human Resources Director
MONY Group, Inc.

"The  instructors were outstanding -- they made learning the material easy and fun."

Sabrina Hodge
Management Development Specialist
The Home Depot

“The simplicity and easy-to-understand language by the instructors was excellent.  Being to the U.S. and not having a good footing on all of these laws and their interrelationships was challenging.  This course helped me to understand the laws and know what to look for in my role as an HR manager.”

Anand Sud
Human Resources Manager
Hemlock Semiconductor LLC

“All three instructors were wonderful in their own way. Finding attorneys who can teach is a rarity.  I found the information current and relevant.  It will definitely have an impact on my HR practices.  Thank you for a great seminar!”

Heidi Hill
Learning & Development Manager
IMA Financial Group

“I had a wonderful experience.  I learned a lot even when I thought certain topics didn’t apply to my current job responsibilities.  The information provided will most definitely help me in the future.  In fact, I’ve already used some of what I learned so it was time well spent for me.  I hope to attend more IAML seminars in the future.”

Charity Sacy
Human Resources Generalist
Cash America International, Inc.

“All of the instructors were very knowledgeable and easy to talk with.  They made good use of the materials and explained things very well.  The class was very interactive, we used real-life situations to apply the laws and to work through.”

Kerri Spellman
Human Resources Generalist
Black Butte Coal Company

“My only wish is that I had attended this seminar earlier in my career!  The information I learned is invaluable.”

Christina Lipetzky
Human Resources Recruiter
Sheridan Memorial Hospital

“It’s always good to come back to IAML to get updated on the newest rulings as well as to refresh my knowledge of employment law.  The instructors were very good and their presentation skills were excellent.  Sometimes just reading ‘the law’ can be so boring.  IAML’s courses are far from boring!  Thanks again for a great class!”

Denise Teuscher
Lead Labor Relations Specialist
Battelle Energy Alliance

"This was my third IAML seminar and I have been very impressed each time.  The information is comprehensive, in-depth, and very relevant.  I plan to attend more IAML seminars in the future."

Gloria Lindsey
Human Resources Benefits Manager
Thiele Kaolin Company

"I found the seminar to be very informative and relevant. You certainly have two gems in Gavin and Wayne. Their knowledge of the subject matter and the ease in which they interact with the attendees made the seminar a true success. I have stated as much to the powers that be here in a formal memo, and have recommended the seminar to other managers."

Robert K. Smith
Philadelphia Gas Works

"One of the best training seminars I’ve attended!  Very valuable to what I do every day, especially in reviewing litigation cases.  There was much value in the interaction with other HR peers.  Thank you for the valued experience!"

Jennifer M. Capozziello
Assistant Vice President and Human Resources Business Partner
Webster Bank North America

"I thought the seminar was very informative!  I will definitely utilize my new skills I have acquired during the training.  I would highly recommend others to use IAML as their training/learning tool.  I cannot wait for the next conference!"

Stephanie Banach
Human Resources Coordinator
Tikigaq Corporation