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Complicated employment laws impact every organization. Sexual harassment, employment discrimination, ADA, wrongful termination, and other issues present substantial risk for employers. All employees need training in these subjects to improve their on-the-job performance while reducing the exposure of employers to costly lawsuits.

In fact, recent developments (including important Supreme Court decisions) make it absolutely essential that employers conduct training for their employees. No longer is it just "good business practice," there are new incentives and requirements to provide and document such training as part of an "affirmative defense" in many kinds of discrimination and harassment lawsuits.

IAML's DVD series can help reduce an employer's risk in the volatile and complex employment law field...easily, efficiency and economically. The 33 programs provide practical information that demystifies the laws. Employers will find employment law problems are greatly reduced or eliminated....

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Protect your organization while improving workplace performance. Train your supervisors and managers in critical employment law topics... use IAML to test and certify their competence.

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An indispensable tool in educating every employee in understanding your organization's committment to best employment practices. It can instill your employees with the confidence they need to perform their jobs to the best of their ability. This is accomplished by helping employees understand...

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