Benefits Law Training

  • Employee Benefits Law Seminar Certificate

    This Seminar is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge in employee benefits law administration, explicitly concerning the issues that arise in the actual workplace. We give participants the information needed to be more effective professionals. The IAML Certificate in Employee Benefits Law Seminar provides a strong foundational knowledge of benefits law and regulations that influence benefits plans suited for real-world workplace needs.

    The accelerating changes and sophisticated, technical nature of employee benefits laws and regulations have continually made it challenging to keep current in this field. Our seminars are focused on the practical application of administering employee benefits plans and understanding relevant government laws and regulations. This advanced Certificate in Employee Benefits Law Seminar is designed to improve the participant's ability to identify and limit risks for their organization in providing "best practices" insights. We equip participants with the skills to administer and manage employee benefits plans following the current requirements of the law. In particular, we help build and strengthen our participants' ability to recognize problem areas, respond appropriately to compliance complaints, and minimize the possibility of expensive, time-consuming litigation.

    Our Seminar addresses the understanding and requirements of federal and state laws and regulations from this critical, real-world lens. This advanced Certificate in Employee Benefits Law Seminar provides foundational knowledge of the legal environment within benefits law administration. We begin by building instruction from crucial insights into the governmental agencies that administer and enforce benefits laws, current litigation resulting from these enforcement efforts, and examples of private causes of action to carry out the provisions of benefits law. Our Certificate in Employee Benefits Law Seminar also covers controversies between plan sponsors, trustees, and participants that may arise when managing the assets of employee benefit plans.

    At IAML, we understand the critical nature of benefits law and the importance of being consistently well-informed when managing employee benefits. From government agencies to courtrooms to the workplace our Certificate in Employee Benefits Law Seminar provides you with the necessary and practical information to be more effective in your professional field within employee benefits law administration.


    Our Employee Benefits Law Advanced Seminar will explore the complex legal and real-world challenges of employee benefits law administration. A team of talented and nationally-recognized attorneys leads our panels and discussion topics throughout this dynamic event catered to address the most relevant real-world issues. Designed to be an annual update for experienced employee benefits professionals, past advanced Certificate in Employee Benefits Law Seminar participants, and attorneys this event is an exceptionally rich hallmark for the benefits law field.

    We curate our annual seminars to be highly enjoyable and sophisticated in the range of topics discussed. Our panels and discussion points are focused on the professional environment you are in daily when administering employee benefits law. We also cover the most relevant prognosticated benefits law issues and provide an open forum session.

    The growing surveillance by government enforcement agencies, dramatic increases in benefits law litigation, and potential for severe liabilities missteps are at the forefront of the seminar's topics. IAML's annual Employee Benefits Law Update Seminar is an up-to-the-minute benefits law update designed to be timely, thorough and enjoyable. When taking advantage of this opportunity to become fully updated and improve your foundational knowledge, you will be equipped to solve many benefits law challenges. Our annual seminar focuses on the newest information needed to grow professionally in benefits law administration.

    This annual Employee Benefits Law Update Seminar addresses the highly complex employee benefits law challenges and provides techniques to solve problems, liabilities, and contradictions. Some of the seminar's highlights include an annual update on Washington's most recent litigation related to benefits law, the legal aspects of managing an audit, and a walk through of real-life data breaches and resolutions. Being one of the more popular programs IAML offers, this annual seminar explores contemporary issues and developments in employee benefits law in a dynamic environment with genuine consultation from talented attorneys that represent leading law firms.

    This annual employee benefits law update will provide an opportunity for participants to improve their job performance and effectiveness, empower their career, as well as meet colleagues from around the country. Our participants have proven to gain practical guidance and support through the community that gathers at our annual seminars.

  • In-House Training

    IAML offers customized, subject-specific training tailored exclusively for your audience and organization. Our in-house training programs are made to be cost-effective, practice-oriented, and engaging. All of our instructors are nationally-recognized labor and employee benefits law attorneys as well as human resources consultants with extensive professional experience. We offer employee benefits law training at many levels of expertise and interest.

    IAML has programs that help your organization function at its best. Participants will leave our in-house training with impactful and measurable “best practices” training. Our employee benefits law training can be catered to meet your specific requirements and produce beneficial, quality in-house training. We have an extensive list of pre-tailored certificate programs that can be customized into portions or taught in their entirety; they can also include workplace topics and management/supervisory specialty areas.

    Prevention is critical when choosing to employ our in-house training resources. Our foundational goal for these programs is to help reduce the risk-laden environment of employee benefits law through instruction. Practical training is often the most economically smart decision for your business and employees, especially in the sensitive field of workplace compliance. IAML employee benefits law training will provide your workers with the best in ‘best practices' training and help build a positive workplace. These seminars are customizable in content and duration, whether we train 15 or 2,000 of your employees. Our programs continue to significantly better the workplaces of all our clients. We can fit any of your company's training needs.